Written by GIEICOM on November 19, 2018 in Picking Systems

Offer your customers quality in both the delivery and the product is a priority to keep your preference and continue positioning your company in a positive way.

Today, we want to talk about automation and the benefits of combining 3 leading technologies in automatic orders and storage, we refer to the avant-garde solution of Pick to Light, Put to Light and Horizontal Carousels

What are the benefits of this integral design for Distribution Centers?

This solution increases productivity by up to 200% in the assortment of items, is economically accessible, very reliable, simple and economical to maintain; besides that it can work operationally in 2 ways:

  • Horizontal Carousels and Put to Light.
  • Horizontal Carousels and Pick to Light.


Horizontal Carousels and Pick to Light


The union of these technologies is ideal for companies that require a strong assortment of small-sized items, complementing it with Batch Picking. In this way it is possible to supply 10 to 20 product orders from low to medium rotation simultaneously.

This solution allows to handle 5,000 to 20,000 SKUs according to the design. Likewise, people do not travel long distances, because they are "product to man" operations, allowing them to be discharged immediately.

In Mexico it is not as usual to implement this technology as it is in the United States, where there are thousands of applications working successfully for decades. For this reason, they are an excellent alternative for the operations of our country and Latin America, because we already know the security of their effectiveness and the cost of ownership.

These systems allow you to substantially reduce errors, have more capacity to process orders per day, reduce cost, have control of your operation, reduce deliveries out of time, manage your operation instantly, among other advantages.

Remember that implementing avant-garde solutions will allow you to acquire greater competitiveness and a better position in the market. More than 30 years providing innovative intralogistics solutions support our commitment to stability, productivity and quality that our customers require.

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