Written by GIEICOM on October 02, 2017 in Conveying Systems

everything-you-needto-know-about-conveying-systems.pngNowadays, the industrial centers must have automatic implementations that allow having high flexibility in the operations and mainly a quick answer to unexpected crisis. One of the essential elements in a conveyor system is the curved conveyor because it is very adaptive to almost any work design.

Now we will talk about curved conveyors and their advantages for the industry:

What are the curved conveyors?

The curved conveyors are motorized systems which drive belts or chains that work on a surface with curved trajectories. They have a single elevation and might be supplied in almost any arch dependent on some restrictions of the system design. Generally, all level turns have only one motorized unit. When they need a change in the elevation, either up or down, they use a propeller or a spiral conveyor belt. Bigger units need to be divided in different motor units. The belts might be plastic or steel nets or chains or different kind of beltss according to the application.

Which is the design of the belt curve conveyor?

The belt curve conveyors are mainly delivered as complete units. Due to logistics purposes, these might be installed between the unit and intermediate sections.

The belt curve conveyors are delivered in different sizes based on the external area radius of the transportation. See the list below of the most common types:

  • Up to 47" (up to 1.200 mm).
  • 47" to 59" (1.201 mm to 1.500 mm).
  • 59” to 87" (1.501 mm to 2.200 mm).
  • More than 87" (more than 2.200 mm).

These belt curve conveyors allow having too much versatility in horizontal and vertical designs and avoid transfers. The motorized units save space, energy, noise and maintenance.

Having a work center devoid of modern tools means disadvantages against the demand and eventualities of the current market. Besides these, it would cause your business to decline and face strong operational and economic problems as time goes by. We advise you to evaluate the implementation of automation in your business because this factor will provide productivity and control to your operations as well as certainty and high competitiveness.

Please, contact us and we will give you a detailed analysis of your current operations!

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