Written by GIEICOM on June 07, 2017 in Conveying Systems

conveyors_industria_alimentos_bebidas.pngf you have a food and beverage industry and you still cannot go for a conveyor system for improving your operations, don´t worry, you are in the right place.

We would like to share with you today the part one of our guide of suitable conveyor for F&B industries. We invite you to analyze each one and assess if it is the tool that your work processes need:

Plastic Chain Conveyors

This kind of conveyor for flex-top bottles, also known as linked belts, is typically used for businesses that handle bottles and jars in their operations.

This system allows production line to be interconnected. For example, a filling and labeling machine can be connected as well as the containers’ production line and the labeling machine. Plastic chain conveyors allow to transit from one process to another completely different. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be installed in straight line, horizontal curves, ascendant, descendant and spiral shapes.

At the time of designing this system, the accumulation timing between one machine and other has to be considered. This information is relevant in order to avoid crisis within processes. For example: if the flow stops for affixing a label, the time that takes to do so has to be known; therefore, the conveyor system’s design will have the appropriate accumulation time and the system will not shut down. After all, a good accumulation system considerably increases the outgoing net flow and is highly profitable. This design concept is defined based on the integral process and need of each client.

The kinds of products are also essential within this process because in that way, the appropriate plastic chain or mesh conveyor can be chosen for supporting any product and provide the highest reliability according to the operational needs.

Keep in mind that performing an examination of your operations along with a professional analysis for a conveyor system implementation will lead you to innovate your processes and reach a higher productivity and competitiveness in the market.

Look for experts’ help and learn about all the automated tools that will speed your work processes. Let us know your operations and together we will add certainty, productivity and quality to your business. Call us now!

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