Written by GIEICOM on July 29, 2020 in Picking Technologies



There is no doubt that the implementation of cutting-edge technologies continues to set the standard in terms of efficiency, control and precision in the processes carried out within a Distribution Center.

For crucial activities such as picking, the adoption of automation solutions is no longer an option, but a firm necessity to maintain a highly competitive position within the market.

Today, the incorporation of picking technologies into our assortment processes is essential to streamline them, minimize the error rate in them and, thus, achieve a level of logistical excellence in order fulfillment.

Picking Technologies: Agility and operational certainty


Within DC, picking technologies such as pick to light, put to light, pick to voice or the assortment by radio frequency (RF) allow greater control and productivity of the operation in general, since with these technologies it is possible to extract valuable information about assortment capacity under different operating conditions.


In addition, the picking technologies allow you to track all the operators in the assortment area, providing an analysis of individual and group productivity.


With the adoption of this type of technology, you will obtain advantages such as:


  • Better organization of SKUs
  • Elimination of audits in assorted orders
  • Greater safety in work areas
  • Elimination of tedious assortment lists


In the end, all this translates into an improvement in competitiveness outside DC, because in addition to increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the internal order assortment, the picking technologies favor the timely traceability of all the products that were supplied.


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