Written by GIEICOM on October 24, 2019 in Automated Storage

automatic-storageAlthough, one of the needs that arise within the Distribution Center is the improvement in assortment times, another great challenge in DC is the space optimization. This optimization become after changing from a horizontal to a vertical need, taking advantage of the height in your DC.

According to the growth capacities that DC has, the handling of the SKUs, type of products and the flow you use, it is possible to include systems to be able to optimize the space you have in the best way:


Automatic Storage - This type of system allows you to take advantage of the height and square meters, thus storing a large number of products in very small spaces, thus optimizing volume issues.


Pallet Level - This type of system can handle the product storage on a pallet level either in one or double depth thanks to precision cranes or robots, which can travel great distances and heights effectively to provide high density and capacity of storage.


Box Level - If your needs are box level, there are systems such as Miniloads. These types of solutions reach ideal heights to handle average product flows thanks to robots that move lengthwise and vertically through racks containing the products to be stored and stocked.


Item Level - Finally, if you are looking for item-level storage, the right solution is a Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM), designed to save space and maximize assortment accuracy and productivity resulting in savings of up to 75% and increasing productivity up to 60%. In order to implement this solution it is important that the infeed is at box level, in case your product is low rotation rate it is important that the infeed become at the item level.


Thus, the solutions for both automatic storage and Good to Person are ideal to take advantage of all the possible space within your Distribution Center, implementing the best in technology without compromising your established processes. In G.I.Eicom we specialize in finding the best way to optimize your spaces in the best possible way. Contact us, our experts will help you.