Written by GIEICOM on June 27, 2019 in Sortation Systems


When talking about assortment of orders, the key point in optimization is knowing how to size the types of products that will be handled. Then, the first step is to identify the volumes that will be occupied within the system and, of those volumes, the percentage of the orders can be classified at the pallet, box or item level.

•    Classify products at carton box level

In the vast majority of the products that are handled at carton box level, classification systems can be implemented by means of automatic sorters. These are distinguished by the combination of transportation, diversion mechanisms, controls and software. This allows you to classify medium and high flows of products with the specifications you require.

This solution is coupled with a system of conveyors and the products meet in a single classification area that can be:

  • For purchase orders
  • For shipment deliveries
  • For shipment routes

The main characteristic to know if the draw system is successful or not are the indicators of the time of permanence of the product in the CEDIS since an order arrives until it is shipped. Ideally, the time should be as short as possible.

•    Sort products at the item level

Ideally, the part corresponding to the assortment items (which can possibly be optimized with Pick to light technology, Pick to voice or technologies of this kind) is placed in plastic containers or boxes and then sent to the consolidation or shipping area using the same classification system or sorter. This allows the sortation system to become the heart of the Distribution Center and responsible for speeding up the order assortment.


The sorting system will allow you to have all the assortment areas synchronized and consolidate them according to how you are going to manage them. In G.I.Eicom we have the best experts who have the necessary knowledge in your industry to help you optimize your classification system in the best way. Do not wait any longer and contact us to start creating the best solution according to your needs.