Written by GIEICOM on June 13, 2019 in Sortation Systems

tipos de sorters

If you are in the Parcel industry, you know how important it is to have automated processes that allow you to better control the handling of products. In this blog we will let you know the best sorter types for courier and parcel service, as well as the software that will help you to have the competitive advantages that you require.


The three main sorters for the Parcel industry are:

1.      Cross Belt

This type of sorter offers the highest rate within the industry, which makes it a high- end solution to classify the highest number of products at high speeds.

The Cross Belt is a very versatile system that you can configure in a linear or loop type, which serves as a sustainable advantage and saves space costs and additional operation since it has the ability to mobilize high flows, than any other sorter

2.      Shoe Sorter 

This sorter is also one of the most used in different industries for its broad spectrum to handle products of different dimensions and weights.

It offers the ability to classify and distribute products at high speeds, allowing the classification of between 200 to 300 packages per minute.

3.      Push Sorter

Thanks to the ease of implementation and accessibility, the Push Sorter is cataloged within the sortation applications for low flows, reaching a range of 45 to 90 packages per minute, depending on the type of product, dimensions and specific characteristics.

This type of systems can be classified into two types of drive technology: pneumatic or mechanical.

However, a sorter without software does nothing. It is important to have a software that allows you to have control of the mechanical or sortation equipment so that the client finally sets the parameters of how they need to classify and distribute their products.

For the types of sorter mentioned above, the WCS software is presented as the ideal to enrich the processes and correlate them with the central management system. Its functions are to improve the processes themselves and also enrich the intelligent dynamic of the operational center.

If you want to know more about the best sortation technologies for your industry, click here and download a free eBook with detailed information about each type of sorter.

In GIEICOM we have the best options to implement this type of solutions to optimize your processes. Do not wait any longer and contact our experts, ready to create the most suitable solution for the needs of your company.


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