Written by GIEICOM on June 10, 2020 in Sortation Systems

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Finding ways to optimize the order fulfillment process is a key element to increase the level of competitiveness of Distribution Centers; especially when we talk about assortment at the item or box level, because as we know, this type of assortment usually requires a greater number of movements by the operators, so it is more likely to lead to a high margin of error, as well as to operational inefficiency in terms of time.

For this reason, in this blog we want to share an automation solution that, without a doubt, will help you increase your order / hour KPI: the cross belt classification system!

The cross belt is a very versatile classification system that allows you to handle a wide variety of products and items at high speed, since it is the sorter that has the ability to mobilize the highest flow / hour.

Unlike conventional classification systems, the cross belt offers the advantage of being able to combine the handling of items and boxes, ensuring at all times a reliable transfer of merchandise by avoiding any type of damage.

This raffle system is particularly useful for the e-Commerce, retail and fashion industries due to its speed and precision in classifying products according to orders, routes or any other type of configuration required.


That is why the orders filled per hour tend to increase significantly when implementing this class of classification systems.

However, if you want to know the specific percentage of how much your KPI could be increased, the help of an expert is necessary to carry out a study that evaluates your process in depth and allows you to know with certainty what level of productivity you will obtain as a return on investment.

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