Written by GIEICOM on November 08, 2018 in Conveying Systems


In the last publication we share the first part of the best automated solutions for end-of-line processes. Today we will give you the second part of the alternatives that exist in the market and increase the productivity of thousands of industries. Know them!


3.- Pallet Handling System

When we speak of the Pallet Handling System, we refer to conveyors of different characteristics, which  are  coupled  to  the  function,  to  the  flow  and  type  of  pallets;  In  addition  to  having  the necessary elements to cover all types of  trajectory that are presented in operating systems. Among its slopes are the roller equipment and chain equipment.



4.- AGV

The AGV's (automatic guided vehicles) are systems that are used to manipulate different types of products. Its main functions are:


  • Material removal from racks or fixed positions at ground level.
  • Transportation of the product to one or multiple destinations.
  • Assembly systems.
  • Automated placement of the product or consumable in the process machine.
  • Products transfer between lines.
  • Feeding, unloading of automatic warehouses.
  • Loading, unloading of trucks.



5.- Conveying System

The Conveying System (belt conveyor) is indispensable in all industries for the safety they offer in the handling of the product.

The finished product flows through the conveyors. They conduct the elements from one point to another, making interventions with process equipment, such as labelers, fillers, packers, and so on.



6.- Lifting System

These  equipments  allow  elevate  the  products  and  be  sent  through  conveyors  all  over  the facilities,  avoiding  obstructions  or  obstacles  that  reduce  productivity.  There  are  continuous elevators, spiral type elevators, inclined elevators, giraffe type, reciprocating elevators, among others.


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