Written by GIEICOM on June 30, 2020 in Design Material Handling

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When the pallet is used in a production plant as a logistics unit to store the finished product, one of the critical points of attention to prevent shrinkage is the rate of pallet collapse derived from poor accommodation, poor handling, or a damaged product that was not detected.

That is why in this blog we want to share how automatic palletizing systems help to avoid all these quality control issues, making it a successful process in the plant.

Palletizers or automatic palletizing systems are technologies designed to automatically accommodate boxes on pallets, so that productivity is increased substantially, as they have the versatility to handle one, two or several lines simultaneously.


We could divide the palletizing systems into two groups: robotic and conventional.


Robotic palletizing systems are ideal when a priority requirement is the flexibility to assemble different formats and several low flow lines. On the other hand, conventional palletizing is the appropriate solution when handling high product flows, but with less versatility to handle multiple lines.

Palletizing type

Palletizing speed

(boxes per minute)


Up to 25

Conventional: Bottom feeding

Up to 45

Conventional: Top Feeding

Up to 200

Both robotic and conventional palletizing systems are capable of creating complex patterns and handling a wide variety of package types. Actually, the key to being successful in the palletizing process lies in selecting the correct system according to your operation.


Some of the most important factors that you should consider for this are:


  1. Number of products and patterns
  2. Type of product
  3. Current and future flow rate (boxes per minute)
  4. Type of accommodation required
  5. Pallet feeding method
  6. Availability of space
  7. Climatic conditions (temperature and humidity levels)


In this way, you can guarantee the highest quality to your finished product during its handling, avoiding any type of waste

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