Written by GIEICOM on July 01, 2020 in Design Material Handling

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We know that today there is a wide variety of solutions to optimize the order fulfillment process within the Distribution Centers; however, often the question is: how do I choose the right technology for my operation?

Today we will share some tips that will guide you in this regard, keep reading!


You should know that the first thing to determine the best solution for your assortment of orders is to carry out a thorough analysis of how the composition and distribution of orders is, according to the logistics units that are handled ー whether they are items, “boxes and/or totes” or platforms ー, in order to detect where is the high point of your operation.


According to the analysis that is made of the current order flow and the projected flow, it is the configuration of technologies that must be performed to optimize your process. For example, the handling of:


  • Pallets


The feasibility of continuing to use a forklift system to manipulate the units should be analyzed, since when handling a very high volume of pallets, there is the possibility of multiple forklift crossings.


It is also necessary to ensure that the forklift system has the ability to be guided by specialized software such as the WMS (Warehouse Management System) to maintain real-time control of the order assortment.


In the event that the forklifts are no longer viable for operation, the most recommended technologies to use for this type of assortment are AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) or AS/RS combined with a conveyor system; the correct selection will depend on a detailed analysis of your Distribution Center.


  • Boxes


Typically, one of the critical points in this order assortment scheme is to shorten operator travel times. For this purpose, one of the most recommended alternatives is to implement assortment towers together with pick to belt technologies, which can be guided by radio frequency pistols or pick to voice systems.


So there are other solutions that can help you, but for a timely diagnosis, we must know more about your operation. 


  • Items


To make this type of assortment more flexible, the “picking technologies” turn out to be the ideal tool, among which stand out:


  • Pick to light: System based on luminous displays that indicate the quantity to supply of each item.


  • Put to light: System based on luminous displays that indicate both the positions and the quantities of products to complete an order.


  • Pick to voice: System consisting of a radio frequency terminal that has a bluetooth headband with integrated microphone, through which the assortment instructions are received by voice.


Whatever type of logistics unit you operate within your CEDIS, most of the technologies just mentioned are guided by intelligent software that will allow you to have precise control of your operation through algorithms that increase productivity.

Don't hesitate any longer and optimize your orders assortment with our technologies!

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