Written by GIEICOM on July 16, 2020 in Design Logistics

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Achieving maximum efficiency in the order fulfillment process is one of the key objectives of any Distribution Center. However, maintaining a balance between operating costs and inventory costs also plays an important role in making performance not only efficient, but also profitable.

To achieve these goals, automation technologies are undoubtedly the best tool; since they provide greater productivity, certainty and control to your entire operation.


Some of the automation technologies that we recommend the most to reduce operating costs within a DC are the sorting systems.


Sorting systems are especially useful when the predominant logistics unit is boxes, since they allow a consolidated assortment to be made, at the same time that the products are classified according to the orders that are required.


When these solutions are combined with a conveyor system, productivity is further enhanced due to the fact that they allow different picking areas to be traversed where the assortment of boxes by pick to belt and the assortment of items can be combined by means of picking technologies (for example, Pick to Light, Pick to Voice, Batch Picking, among others)


In addition to offering the possibility of knowing the capacity that is installed along with the speed level at which it is feasible to fill an order with these automatisms, our software adds intelligence and traceability without equal in each process carried out; which is very useful in peak demand.


By streamlining all these processes, reducing error rates and the number of operators required, this is how this set of automation technologies manage to provide significant reductions in the operational costs of your DC.


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In retail companies where the flow of products is highly dynamic, the use of these automation technologies is essential to place the company in a competitive position within the market.


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