Written by GIEICOM on July 20, 2020 in Design Logistics



The continuous evolution of the market due to the accelerated pace of technological innovation and changes in consumer behavior, drives the need to transform the largest number of business processes into intelligent processes to maintain a competitive position, capable of responding to new market demands.

Within the manufacturing area, the creation of intelligent assembly lines lies in implementing 4.0 technologies that allow for a smooth, safe and precise production by ensuring both the timely supply of kits and an ergonomic assembly for personnel.


Although some of these technologies have already existed for several decades, as is the case with AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), they have been redesigned with the ability to work safely in a collaborative environment with humans, helping in tasks repetitive or risky, among others, and thus allowing to take advantage of individual talent in higher value activities.


Let's know its functions!


  • AGVs within the assembly line


Whether they are used in motor assemblies, stoves or more robust manufacturing issues, the combination of AGVs with certain accessories or systems allows the manufacturing product to be placed in the most ergonomic position possible according to the type of operation being performed.


In this way, the assembly line is streamlined and the risk of injury and / or accidents is reduced.


  • AGVs for kit supply


AGVs are also a great tool for supplying parts at workstations, as they move products from the kitting area to the station where they are required, at the right time and at the exact point.

Thanks to the software that coordinates the movements of the AGVs, both processes (ergonomic product placement and kit supply) manage to be executed with the highest degree of precision, resulting in a greater output flow in your production.


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