Written by GIEICOM on November 27, 2019 in Automated Storage

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The processes within your Distribution Center are directly linked to the Return on Investment that you seek to obtain. For this it is important to have the automation indicated to achieve the objectives you are looking for with your business.

Thus, it is necessary to determine how many products you handle, how many losses exist in your processes and how many people you have in the operation of your processes in order to determine the best way to automate and reach the desired Return on Investment to achieve the results you are looking for.


The most basic level of automation within a DC operation is the Warehouse Control Software. This type of automation with Warehouse Management System (WMS) software, allows transport from one side to another and be directed by means of radio frequency elements. This system will help you guarantee the reliability of the operation, control inventories and increase productivity and have a global visibility of your DC.


The second level would be a semi-automation in which your order assortment processes are helped through Picking Technologies (Pick to light, Putt or light) systems, combined with the conveyors that will help you to make efficient the routes of the people within the Distribution Center. Through these people will no longer have to walk from one point to another, wasting time on that route but the transporters drive the products from one side to another without human intervention.


The third level of automation is the one that works automatically without the intervention of the operators and in this one you can use multiple solutions such as the Uniload for pallet handling, Robot Technologies either for box handling or parts handling. In these solutions the return on investment is returned to a greater time, due to the degree of technology used.


Thus, the Return of Investment is changing but to begin, you have to stipulate how dependent your operators’ processes are and how much it impacts your operation not to have the product available at the time it is needed.


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