Written by GIEICOM on May 16, 2019 in Automated Guided Vehicles

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Industry 4.0 impacts all industries and sectors. If companies do not adapt and implement automation technologies in logistics processes, they run the risk of losing market revenue.

With GIEICOM you can identify which technologies you can implement into your intralogistics processes. Below we show you the 3 benefits that GIEICOM offers you to combine advanced distribution techniques with smart technologies.


  • Robot Systems or Guided Vehicles 

They allow you to take products from one point to another without the need for the intervention of a person. This will give your company a handling of materials with less man hours and more precise movements during the transportation of each of the solutions.

The AGV's replace the operations of the forklifts, which allows to handle pallets and transport products in a more efficient way. In addition, these robots are the best choice for the assortment of orders as they are able to collect pallets in multilayers or perform the same palletizing automatically within production plants.

  • Predictive maintenance through the IoT 

The sensors used by the conveyor, sortation and AGV systems will send information that with the IoT it will be possible to analyze the behavior of all the elements in real time. This will allow predictive maintenance and prevent certain repairs without causing a loss in production.

  • Support with Wearables

 The support systems can be made through wearables. Remotely you can indicate what to do, present images and instructions for corrective or preventive maintenance. Even, training.

 The response times end up being shorter. This type of technology also works for everything related to order assortment.

This is how the technology that characterizes Industry 4.0 can benefit your company in different ways. Do not wait any longer to automate your processes with the latest technology. In G.I.Eicom we can offer you the best solutions for your company. Contact us!