Written by GIEICOM on July 08, 2020 in Assembly Line

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We all know that one of the most important points within a Distribution Center is the picking area, since it is an area that requires solid strategic planning ー especially if you work with conventional systems ー due to its level of impact on performance of DC.

For this reason, today we want to share three practical recommendations to you to avoid that picking process becomes an operational bottleneck and, even more, that it affects the satisfaction of your customers.


  • Correct Slotting 


In order to have a correct slotting, it is essential to carry out an in-depth analysis of your products, so that those with high rotation are accommodated in the areas with the easiest access and most ergonomically accessible, those on average in the areas that according to Its rotation, the ergonomics / productivity variable, is the most appropriate, so that, finally, those with low rotation remain in areas with qualities appropriate to the movements they generate.


In this way, you will ensure that your slotting optimally defines the positions, the type of storage and the proximity to the consolidation area that are required for a more efficient assortment.


Although it is true that there are specialized softwares to carry out this type of analysis, you can also get advice from a company that is dedicated to implementing automation solutions.


  • Productivity levels


Since there is a wide variety of solutions to streamline the picking processes, it is recommended that you first analyze the levels of productivity that your CEDIS currently has based on the flow of products that is being managed, in order to determine how much it is required to grow your productivity per hour / man to reach the maximum point of efficiency.


In this way, you can choose the optimal technological solution (pick to voice, pick to light, put to light, pick cart, radio frequency terminals, etc.) according to your needs.


  • Technologies that allow growth


Finally, it is very important that any technology you are going to use to optimize your assortment of orders is scalable, since in the event that your demand grows due to market issues or the company's own strategies, it is necessary to ensure that solutions will not block such growth by design.


Therefore, whether they are picking technologies, sorter systems or conveyors, it is vital that they have the flexibility to scale or to foresee their design to have the highest system productivity with any level of demand that is required in the future.

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