Written by GIEICOM on June 17, 2020 in Software and Control

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As we know, given the uncertainty that risky environments trigger, the first thing we need to analyze is what the impact will be on our operation; how can we achieve maximum effectiveness in such analyses?

In situations like this, one of the most important resources to safeguard our operation and maintain profitability in the Distribution Center is: information. The information strategy that we manage is decisive for the quality of the supply chain and demand behavior analysis for different scenarios.

Having real-time information that allows complete visibility of the operation flow of the entire Distribution Center (from inbound to outbound of goods) is essential to know the possible bottlenecks that risk environments could generate.

For this purpose, the intervention of specialized software is required.


What are the most recommended softwares to analyze risky environments?


  • WMS (Warehouse Management System)


WMS is the most widely known software within the scope of DC operations management. However, the trend in this type of software is that they incorporate a greater intelligence of data that allows analyzing the operation of CEDIS in a different environment from regular operation.


Today, in the face of risk situations such as pandemics (COVID-19, AH1N1), it is essential that the WMS not only collect operational data from the Distribution Center, but also integrate artificial intelligence mechanisms to perform data analysis and scenarios.


  • WES (Warehouse Execute System)


In addition to the artificial intelligence trend in this type of software, we also find that DC is increasingly required to be more automated. For this, there is the WES.


This software allows controlling each of the automated zones in the Distribution Center, becoming another bridge from which much information can be obtained in order to analyze the data through artificial intelligence on more robust platforms that, in addition, allow predicting certain scenarios.


  • The more automated DC is, the more information it will provide.


This is the importance of paying attention to the information the software manages within your Distribution Center are collecting. The impact of risky environments can be measured by combining internal and external information on smart dashboards that predict market or supply chain behavior.


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