Written by GIEICOM on June 22, 2020 in Robot Technologies

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There is no doubt that production plants increasingly require a higher level of automation to minimize error rates along their production lines.

Among many reasons, a very important for automate a production plant is the high employee turnover that tends to occur due to so exhausting days that this operation type demands, in addition the latent risk of injury, even when the plant continues all established standards.



Aware that it is large volumes of products that have to be palletized or stacked, today we want to share with you about how robotic technologies are very useful for this particular operation.


Robotic technologies or robot technologies for palletizing operations offer a large number of advantages, among which we can highlight the following:


  • Pattern Standardization


When installing robotic technologies, the first thing we should review are the different arrangement/palletizing patterns for standardization with the objective of giving the greatest stability to the product in question. Thus, later in the implementation, the only thing that needs to be done is to program the patterns that you require and the robot will automatically execute them according to the product to be handled.


  • Ease of adjustments


With this type of technology, the modifications that may be required when there is a new product are minimal; since it is only required to make small adjustments of trajectory, speeds and other very simple issues that do not demand much in operation. Also, any format change is very easy to feedback to the robot.


  • Operation speed


Depending on the type of robot, they can perform between 15-20 movements per minute approximately, according to how long the displacement has to be, the number of boxes that are grasped in each movement and the level of complexity of the mooring or accommodation of the boxes in the layers.


It is even possible to use two robots simultaneously for the same pallet in order to give more speed to the line.


All these benefits translate into a significant increase in productivity, which therefore leads to fewer stoppages on the production lines.


And how do you select the right robotic technology?

The variables that are usually considered to choose the best robot technologies system for a production plant are:


  • Type of power to be used / orientation of the product
  • Number of lines to be handled by each robot
  • Movement rate (boxes per minute, trays per minute, etc.)
  • Type of mooring that the robot will perform
  • Type of platform to be chosen


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