Written by GIEICOM on November 05, 2019 in Assembly Line

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The assembly line is traditionally a system that operates at a fixed speed with many conveyors in between. This makes traditional assembly lines become a very rigid system because it is very difficult to add workstations or modify trajectories according to the growth or changes of the productive area, so flexibility is a constant goal when lines assembly is about.

In order to give the necessary dynamism to your assembly line, the AGCs are a technology that provides the ability to perform unit movements of various types of products.

Thanks to the innovation that you acquire when using AGCs within the production plants, you can revolutionize processes, this is why the technology of these guided vehicles allows you to add, decrease or modify new workstations very easily.

In this way you can increase the production capacity thanks to the continuous implementation of this type of systems, thus achieving a highly efficient and flexible assembly line to the changes without neglecting the precision.

In addition, through this technology you can place several elements that will allow you to work in an asynchronous way, where all workstations can operate at different speeds, recovering production times.

Due to the flexibility that an AGC offers you, you can add different attachments, thus customizing each of the areas of your assembly line making the assembly of your products much more simple and dynamic in case you need to assemble new products according to the evolution and to the demands of the market.

Thus, the implementation of an AGC system, as mentioned above, will allow you to work asynchronously so you can change stations depending on the needs of your production since neither the trajectory nor the times are rigid.

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